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Lean Six Sigma is a globally recognized paradigm for improving systems and organizations sustainably and measurably. It offers a platform for companies to consistently deliver concrete results (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control, or DMAIC) while still looking for quality growth.

The starting point is to reflect on what customers need and incorporate this into processes; nothing else is more significant. In this approach, costs are minimized, customer satisfaction is boosted, and lead time is decreased. The beauty of this approach is that it takes advantage of people’s existing knowledge and experience with their systems. Lean Six Sigma improves both the process and the result. Lean strives for improved flow and value generation. Six Sigma seeks systems that are both reliable and effective. When paired, they strengthen and enhance each other.

LSS Florida-Fort-Lauderdale-FL

Yellow Belt Certification in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Lean Six Sigma Experts

Yellow Belt in Six Sigma is where you go through the fundamentals of how Six Sigma works, what Six Sigma is, how disciplines can be applied in the organization, and where you can direct your attention while mastering the operation. Yellow Belt professionals grasp the basics of Lean Six Sigma and cover all elements of the D-M-C phases. As a consequence, we recommend that students participate in a class and receive the required instruction. The Yellow Belt in Six Sigma assists the professional in removing defects from company systems; nevertheless, Lean Six Sigma is when the fun begins.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

These specialist assists a Six Sigma Black Belt in addressing and analyzing quality challenges, as well as engaging in quality management programs. Green Belts are often called in to help with the review of data and reviews submitted by lower-leveled belts. Green Belts may sometimes provide the experience to spearhead and manage their projects. It all boils down to their degree of expertise in a given area. They are often referred to as a company’s workhorses.

Green Belts may be able to use newly acquired resources to define, quantify, analyze, develop, and track day-to-day job problems. They would be worthy of helping Black Belts with their Six Sigma teams in the ventures of the teams to allow measurable contributions to the organization.

Candidates with a clear knowledge of Six Sigma methods and procedures at the Green Belt level have a distinct benefit when looking for jobs at any company. Hiring Managers pursue applicants with the expertise and abilities that a Green Belt possesses.
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Lean and Six Sigma work together

Both methods are very complementary since they both start with the customer’s needs and then work to improve the process in partnership with employees. Lean Six Sigma explores the root causes of business problems while simultaneously maintaining product growth. Lean and Six Sigma are sometimes used interchangeably. Both tactics strive to meet the customer’s needs as far as possible. Six Sigma is concerned with the output, while Lean is concerned with the process. The Six Sigma strategy works well for Lean tools, and the two approaches complement each other well. Lean Six Sigma is an amazing tool that will help you to take your career and company to the next level.

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